Hearings - Past Hearings

RECBC hold disciplinary hearings, qualification hearings, and hearings on claims to the Special Compensation Fund. Learn more about our hearings.

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Hearing Date(s) Name(s) Type Status
- Preston Chun To Tong Qualification Hearing Hearing notice published
Anthony and Shauna Kester Special Compensation Fund Hearing Hearing notice published
- Aaron Sao-Jye Chen Qualification Hearing Hearing notice published
Katharine Virtanen Special Compensation Fund Hearing Decision published
- Jacob Siemens Discipline Hearing Decision published
- Jae Ryang Kim Discipline Hearing Decision published
Imelda Bulaqui Special Compensation Fund Hearing Decision published
Paul Ehmann Qualification Hearing Decision published
- Trevor Inglis Discipline Hearing Decision published
Decision published
  • Hearing Status Definitions



    The hearing has been postponed. 

    Reasons for adjourning a hearing can include:

    • the licensee has submitted a consent order proposal
    • the licensee requires time to obtain legal counsel
    • the licensee’s legal counsel is unavailable on the hearing date
    • a witness is unavailable on the hearing date
    • other unforeseen circumstances.

    In most cases a new hearing date will be set, or, if a Consent Order is signed, no hearing will be held.

    Concluded, decision publication pendingThe hearing has been held. The written decision will be published once available.
    UpcomingA hearing date has been set and agreed upon by all parties.