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Our Role Protecting the Public

RECBC regulates BC’s real estate professionals in the public interest. All real estate professionals are educated and licensed, and must meet standards of practice when providing real estate services.

Real Estate Law in BC

All licensed real estate professionals must comply with the Real Estate Services Act, Regulation and Real Estate Rules.


Investigations and Discipline

RECBC has the authority to investigate the conduct of real estate professionals, and to issue discipline in cases of misconduct.


Report a Concern

If you have a serious concern about a real estate professional, we need to hear about it. When we are informed, we can take the steps necessary to protect consumers.

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Our Professional Standards Advisors can answer your questions about real estate transactions and the services to expect.

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Disciplinary Actions

As regulator of BC’s real estate professionals, RECBC investigates complaints where a professional may have failed to meet standards of professional competence and conduct. Some matters proceed to a hearing and may result in disciplinary action.

Public Hearings

RECBC may hold hearings to consider allegations of misconduct and the qualifications of licence applicants. Our hearings are open to the public.



RECBC publishes its disciplinary hearing decisions, consent orders, qualification decisions and special compensation decisions.


Consumer Protection Measures

RECBC takes steps to prevent issues before they arise. Our brokerage audit program and continuing education requirements help ensure that real estate professionals and businesses practice competently. Consumers who have lost money through the actions of a real estate professionals may be entitled to submit a claim for compensation.

Audit Program

We audit real estate brokerages and professionals in BC to make sure that consumer funds are protected.


Real estate professionals complete mandatory education to become licensed, and to maintain their licences.

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Compensation Fund

Providing financial protection for members of the public who have lost money because of the actions of a real estate professional.

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