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Privacy Policy

RECBC is committed to protecting your privacy. RECBC collects, uses, and discloses personal information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act  — will open in a new tab (FIPPA), the Real Estate Services Act (RESA), and other applicable legislation.

1. What is “personal information”?

“Personal information” is recorded information about an identifiable individual, such as an individual’s name, age, home address, or financial information. Business contact information is not considered “personal” information.

2. Why does RECBC collect, use and disclose personal information?

RECBC collects, uses, and discloses personal information in order to perform its duties and functions in regulating licensed real estate professionals, including to:

  • receive, investigate and manage complaints;
  • conduct disciplinary and qualification investigations and hearings;
  • consider and assess applications for licensing, including verifying identity and determining good character and suitability for licensing;
  • contact and correspond with real estate professionals regarding their licence or RECBC’s programs or activities;
  • process the renewal and reinstatement of real estate applications, including the payment of fees; and
  • perform audits of brokerage books, records, and accounts.

3. Collecting personal information

RECBC only collects information for the purposes permitted under FIPPA or other applicable law and strives to limit any collection to what is relevant and necessary for RECBC’s functions. When collecting personal information, RECBC will explain why we need it and, whenever possible, collect it directly from you.

RECBC may sometimes collect information about you indirectly from a third party, including when:

  • assessing the suitability of a real estate licence applicant, and confirming that applicant’s past employment and history;
  • confirming completion of education and other licensing requirements of real estate professionals;
  • investigating a concern or complaint; or
  • as otherwise authorized by law or court order.

4. Accessing or using personal information

RECBC will only access or use personal information for the purpose it was collected, for a consistent purpose, or with your consent for another purpose.

Wherever practicable, only those with a “need to know” will have access to your personal information and only to the minimum amount of personal information they require to perform their duties.

5. Disclosing personal information

RECBC does not sell personal information it collects and will only disclose your personal information for the purpose it was collected, for a consistent purpose, with your consent, or as otherwise authorized by law.

6. Storing, retaining, and safeguarding personal information

RECBC makes reasonable security arrangements to protect your personal information against risks such as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or disposal of personal information. Except as authorized by FIPPA, RECBC will only store or allow access to your personal information in Canada.

RECBC will keep your personal information as long as we need it to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. If RECBC uses personal information to make a decision that directly affects you, RECBC will keep that information for at least one year.

Service providers contracted by RECBC are required to comply with FIPPA and are made aware of and reminded about RECBC’s privacy policies. All contracts entered into by RECBC with service providers who may have access to personal or confidential information contains specific provisions requiring compliance with FIPPA.

7. Requesting access to personal information

Individuals have a right to access their personal information held by RECBC or records of RECBC such as reports, audits, and financial information.

In order to request a record:

  1. Submit a request in writing to RECBC at [email protected] or by mail or in-person at:
    Real Estate Council of British Columbia
    Suite 900-750 West Pender Street
    Vancouver, BC V6C 2T8
  2. RECBC will respond to you within 30 business days of receiving your request.
    1. In some cases, we may extend the 30-day time period for responding to a request (for example, if you have not given enough detail to enable RECBC to identify a requested record. If this occurs, RECBC will deliver a written notice to you stating the reason for the extension and when a response can be expected.
    2. RECBC may refuse access to certain records or personal information where authorized or required by law to refuse access. Where access is refused, you will be notified of this decision in writing and provided reasons for the refusal.
    3. Certain records may be redacted (for example, information on third parties). In those cases, reasons for the redaction will be provided to you.

8. Seeking correction of personal information

RECBC makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses, or discloses is accurate and complete. If you think there is a mistake or omission in the personal information RECBC has about you, you may write to RECBC asking us to correct any errors or omissions in your personal information. Specify the information you believe is missing or incorrect and include what you believe to be the correct information. If RECBC is satisfied that your request for correction is reasonable, RECBC will correct the personal information as soon as reasonably possible.

9. Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with the results of an information request or if you are dissatisfied with the way RECBC has handled your personal information, you may submit a complaint to RECBC. RECBC’s Privacy Officer will review all complaints and make every reasonable effort to resolve complaints.

You may also request a review, seek advice from, or file a written complaint with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC). The OIPC provides independent oversight and enforcement of BC’s access and privacy laws.

10. Website Privacy Policy

When you visit RECBC’s website, our web server automatically collects a limited amount of information essential for the operation and security of the site. Some of this information (e.g. browser type) does not identify who you are, while other information, such as your internet domain name or IP address, may identify you. The extent of personal identification depends, in a large part, on the “naming standards” followed by your internet service provider.

How to contact us

If you have questions about the terms of use, contact RECBC’s Senior Manager, Communications & Engagement at 604.683.9664 or toll free at 1.877.683.9664. You can also email us at [email protected] or write to RECBC:

Senior Manager, Communications & Engagement

Real Estate Council of British Columbia

Suite 900-750 West Pender Street

Vancouver, BC V6C 2T8

If you have questions about the privacy policy or RECBC’s handling of your personal information, contact RECBC’s Privacy Officer at 604.683.9664 or toll free at 1.877.683.9664. You can also email us at [email protected] or write to RECBC:

Privacy Officer

Real Estate Council of British Columbia

Suite 900-750 West Pender Street

Vancouver, BC V6C 2T8