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RECBC hold disciplinary hearings, qualification hearings, and hearings on claims to the Special Compensation Fund. Learn more about our hearings.

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RECBC’s Disciplinary Hearings, Special Compensation Fund Hearings and Qualification Hearings are open to the public unless otherwise indicated.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all proceedings currently scheduled and to be scheduled will be heard by audio or video conference or conducted in writing, following RECBC’s Virtual Proceedings Procedures.

Notices of upcoming hearings are published approximately two months in advance of the scheduled dates. A Notice of Disciplinary Hearing is not a finding of guilt or misconduct.

Hearing dates and times are subject to change. Please refer to the Upcoming Hearings tab for information on hearing dates.

Disciplinary hearings are in most cases held in two parts: a hearing on liability that is followed, in cases where there is a finding of liability, by a penalty hearing. Decisions are published following each liability and penalty hearing.

Parties receive a Notice of Hearing approximately six months before the date of the proceeding. All real estate professionals have the legal right under the Real Estate Services Act to propose a consent order should they wish to resolve a matter by consent rather than proceeding to a hearing. If the proposal is accepted by a Consent Order Review Committee, no disciplinary hearing will take place.

Most disciplinary matters are resolved by consent order and published in Decisions. More information on the disciplinary process is available here.

  • Attending Hearings

    Hearings are open to the public unless the hearing committee should determine that a hearing or a portion of a hearing must be held in camera to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of financial or personal matters, or other confidential information that would be damaging to any of the parties. RECBC does not publish information about licensees that would be considered unreasonable invasions of privacy and redacts third-party information in any published material.

    • If you plan to attend a hearing: please register in advance by contacting the Hearing Administrator. Advance registration is required in order to ensure there is sufficient space to accommodate all those who wish to attend. Observers must agree to abide by the Observer Guidelines.
    • Before you attend a hearing: confirm that the hearing is on schedule by checking the Upcoming Hearings Calendar or by contacting the Hearing Administrator.
    • Members of the media: please contact Communications in advance of the hearing date if you plan to attend a hearing. Advance registration is required.
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