Transferring a Licence

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You may transfer your licence to another brokerage at any time. The cost of transferring your licence during the two-year licence period is $250. If you may change brokerages at the time of licence renewal, there is no additional cost.

Individuals who are currently licensed and who wish to change employing brokerages or who have been unlicensed for less than 90 days within a licence period should follow these steps:


Step 1

Complete an Application for Application for Representative, Associate Broker or Managing Broker Licence form and submit it to RECBC.

In Part A of the application form check off the box entitled “Reinstatement applicant (TRANSFER) (currently licensed or inoperative for less than 90 days).”

Application for Representative, Associate or Managing Broker Licence form

Make sure you understand all the information that is required as part of the Application for Representative, Associate or Managing Broker Licence form.


Step 2

Submit the appropriate fee ($250). The payment may be made by cheque or credit card using the credit card authorization form.


Step 3

If you are currently licensed, arrange for the return of the existing licence certificate signed off by the previous brokerage with which you were engaged, stating the date of termination and the reason for leaving.

Questions? Contact RECBC's Licensing Team