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Changes to the Knowledge Base are Coming

This spring, RECBC will be introducing new regulatory information and guidelines. These resources, which will replace the Practice Standards Manual (PSM) and Brokerage Standards Manual (BSM), will serve to help real estate professionals looking for guidance to help them comply with their legislated requirements. Keep an eye out for user experience improvements and content changes.

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Subject-Free Offers – Understanding and Communicating the Risks

Understand your duties to clients and your legal and ethical responsibilities as a professional, when assisting clients in a competitive market. Learn about the three things you’ll need to know in order to be well-prepared.

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Staying Safe: Practices to Reduce Risk for Real Estate Professionals

Whether you provide trading services (real estate sales), rental property or strata management services, there are basic safety practices that you can follow to help ensure that you feel secure and confident when dealing with members of the public in the course of your professional duties.

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New Resources Coming Soon: Regulatory Information and Guidelines

Later this spring, the new regulatory resources will replace the Professional Standards Manual. Designed to be more concise, clearer to read, and consistent in structure, Regulatory Information and Guidelines will make complying with your legislated requirements more straightforward

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