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Application forms should be completed, signed and dated and then forwarded to our office along with the required fee.

Note that some forms have instruction pages which should be printed and referenced during completion of the form.

RECBC will only hold applications in pending status for 90 days. If you are notified that your application is incomplete, or that further information is required, please respond promptly to address the deficiencies. 

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Show/Hide AnswerMandatory Agency and Disclosure Forms 

The RECBC Forms App was designed to help licensees digitally fill out the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services and Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties forms with consumers.

Learn more about the RECBC Forms App

Disclosure to Sellers of Expected Remuneration (Translations coming soon)

Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (Translations coming soon)

Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties (Translations coming soon)

Disclosure of Risks Associated with Dual Agency

Disclosure for Residential Tenancies (Translations coming soon)

Agreement Regarding Conflict of Interest Between Clients

Notice Regarding Assignment Terms

Acquisition/Disposition of Real Estate

Referral Fees

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If you are one of the following:

  • a first-time licensing applicant
  • applying after having been unlicensed for more than 90 days

your application must include:

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Disclosure of Remuneration

RECBC has developed the following disclosure forms for licensees providing trading, rental and strata management services. Licensees may use these disclosure forms or any form of the licensee’s choosing, as long as it satisfies the disclosure requirements of sections 5-11 and 5-12 of the Rules.

Disclosure of Benefits 

Disclosure of Management 

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