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The Council accepts fee payments in cash, VISA, MasterCard, money orders or cheques made payable to the “Real Estate Council of BC.”

Licensing Fee Components
In addition to the Council licence assessment ($450), all licensing fees include:

  • a portion payable to the Superintendent of Real Estate ($50),
  • an Errors & Omissions Insurance assessment ($700) and
  • the Real Estate Compensation Fund assessment ($100 for individuals, $250 for brokerages and sole proprietors).

A non-refundable application fee of $60 for first-time and re-licensing applications, and $30 for renewals, transfers, and changes of licence level or category is also included.

Refund Guidelines
Licence fees and Compensation Fund assessments are not refundable after licence issuance. If you surrender your licence in the first year of the licensing period, a refund of the second year Errors and Omissions Insurance assessment is available.

If you withdraw your application for any reason prior to licence issuance, the application fee will not be refunded. 

Renewal Guidelines
If your completed renewal application, along with the appropriate fee ($1330) is not received at the Council’s office by the renewal due date, the application will be treated as a re-licence application, and the re-licensing fee ($1360) will apply.

The renewal of a secondary managing broker’s licence does not require an Errors & Omissions Insurance assessment.

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Licensing Fees

Show/Hide Answer Fees for Individuals


First-time Licensing Application $1360
Re-licensing Application
(following licence expiry)
Licence Renewal Application $1330
Licence Transfer or Re-instatement Application $130
Change of Licence Level or Category $130
Secondary Managing Broker Licence Application (with affiliated brokerage) $660
Secondary Managing Broker Licence Application (with branch office) $560
Name Change $30


Show/Hide Answer Fees for Brokerages


Initial Licensing Application – Brokerage $1510
Initial Licensing Application – Branch Office $560

Initial Licensing Application – Sole Proprietor

(Note: Please contact the Council for further information about licensing as a sole proprietor.)

Licence Renewal Application – Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor $1480
Licence Renewal Application – Branch Office $530
Change of Licence Level or Category $130
Name or Address Change $30

Show/Hide Answer Pro-Rated Fee Table for Personal Real Estate Corporations

Licensees who apply to licence a Personal Real Estate Corporation must submit payment for licensing fees for the period from the date of the application until the expiry date of their individual’s licence. The following table outlines the pro-rated licensing fees.


Number of full months between application date and
the expiry date of the controlling individual’s licence
1 $57
2 $113
3 $170
4 $227
5 $283
6 $340
7 $397
8 $453
9 $510
10 $567
11 $623
12 $680
13 $737
14 $793
15 $850
16 $907
17 $963
18 $1020
19 $1,077
20 $1,133
21 $1,190
22 $1,247
23 $1,303
24 $1,360