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Making a Complaint


If you have been involved in a real estate transaction in which the real estate licensee or brokerage may have acted improperly, you may wish to contact the Real Estate Council to find out about filing a complaint.  It is important to note that the Real Estate Council is not empowered to resolve commission disputes, make monetary settlements or adjudicate contract matters. Please read our guidelines for filing a complaint below.  You may also want to familiarize yourself with our Complaint and Discipline Procedures.


Guidelines for filing a complaint

Many times when a misunderstanding arises between a licensee and a consumer, it is due to a lack of communication between the parties. If this has happened to you, the following procedure is suggested to assist you in resolving your problem as quickly as possible.

  1. Discuss the concern with the licensee you are working with.
  2. If the matter is still not resolved, discuss the concern with the managing broker in charge of the real estate brokerage.

Most concerns are settled by these two means.

If the licensee is also a member of a local real estate board, it may be approached. The board may be able to assist to informally resolve the concern. Real estate boards can investigate conduct that may be in violation of their Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice. These boards will refer all matters to RECBC where it appears that the Real Estate Services Act, Regulation or Rules may have been contravened. Please click here for names and addresses of local boards.

If satisfaction is still not forthcoming, the concern should be referred to the Real Estate Council.

The Council investigates potential contraventions of the Real Estate Services Act which includes both professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming. 

Examples of matters that the Real Estate Council will investigate:

  • mishandling of deposits
  • concealing property defects
  • misrepresentation
  • unauthorized signing of documents
  • unwritten guarantees to resell a property used as an inducement to do business
  • secret commissions
  • professional misconduct including incompetence and conduct unbecoming of a licensee 

The Real Estate Council is not empowered to award or mediate monetary damages. Such matters are more properly dealt with through civil action. The Council can impose administrative penalties, order reprimands, fines, suspend or cancel a licence as well as impose hearing costs. 

If your concern appears to be a matter for the Real Estate Council, then…

  1. Complete the Complaint Form (PDF)
  2. Attach all documentation as specified.
  3. Send to the Real Estate Council.