File Rental Property Management Complaint

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If you have engaged a brokerage to provide you with rental property management services and believe a real estate professional may have acted improperly, you may contact RECBC to file a complaint. RECBC considers all complaints about the conduct or competency of licensed real estate professionals.

RECBC investigates potential contraventions of the Real Estate Services Act which includes both professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming a professional.

What can RECBC Investigate?

We investigate

  • Failure to follow client’s instructions
  • Acting outside of scope of authority given by client
  • Conflict of Interest

If your complaint relates to

  • Landlord/Tenant matters: Please contact the Residential Tenancy board for concerns related to tenancy.
  • Contractual or monetary matters: You may wish to seek independent legal advice, as these matters are best resolved through civil/court proceedings or Civil Resolution Tribunal, if appropriate.

The rental management company and its rental managers are obligated to act on the instructions of their client, the landlord. As such, if a tenant has concerns with the conduct of the rental manager, they should take up those concerns with the landlord. It will be up to the landlord to consider the conduct of the rental manager and take action, if appropriate, which may include a complaint to the Council.

Furthermore, if your concerns relate to landlord/tenant matters, you may wish to seek independent legal advice and/or contact the Residential Tenancy Office.

Before Filing a Complaint

Consumers who are concerned about the actions or services provided by a real estate professional should take these steps before filing a complaint or making an anonymous tip to RECBC.

  1. Discuss the concern with the professional.
  2. If the matter is still not resolved, discuss the concern with the managing broker in charge of the brokerage.
  3. If the managing broker is not able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, consider contacting an RECBC Professional Standards Advisor. They can provide information about the services to expect from real estate professionals and answer questions about real estate transactions.

How to File a Complaint

Matters that cannot be resolved informally should be directed to RECBC. If there is evidence that a real estate professional may have committed misconduct or conduct unbecoming a professional, we will investigate and take action.

File a Complaint Online

Please use our online complaint submission form to file a complaint.

File Complaint  — will open in a new tab

Submit a Complaint in Writing

If you wish to submit a complaint in writing, please use this downloadable complaint form. Please note that you should include relevant supporting documentation with your form, and send your completed complaint to the Real Estate Council of BC.

What Happens Next

When RECBC receives complaints from consumers, they are carefully reviewed by RECBC staff to determine whether:

  • RECBC has the authority to conduct an investigation;
  • the complaint can be informally resolved;
  • the complainant is aware that RECBC cannot remedy a civil wrong, i.e. where there has been a negligent act or omission on the part of a licensee;
  • the complainant understands the professional and ethical responsibilities of the licensee in the particular transaction;
  • the complainant has included with their complaint all information and documentation sufficient for the commencement of an investigation, if necessary.

An RECBC Compliance Officer may contact the complainant at the initial complaint assessment stage to develop a better understanding of the issues surrounding the complaint and to ensure that the complainant understands RECBC’s investigation and discipline processes.

View our infographic about the complaints process

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