Pre-Hearing Conferences

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Once a hearing has been scheduled, RECBC may order a pre-hearing conference with the real estate professional. A pre-hearing conference helps to make sure that all parties are fully prepared, and to clarify any issues so that the hearing can proceed smoothly.

The conference, which is attended by an RECBC lawyer and led by a member of the hearing committee, gives real estate professionals an opportunity to ensure they understand what will be expected of them at the hearing.Find out more about pre-hearing conferences by reviewing the following frequently asked questions.

  • What’s the purpose of a pre-hearing conference?

    A pre-hearing conference is a meeting held in advance of a scheduled hearing with the real estate professional in a complaint (or with licence applicants who are required to participate in a qualification hearing to determine if they are suitable for licensing).

    A pre-hearing conference can be used to:

    • make sure that the parties and the case are ready for the hearing
    • clarify and/or simplify the issues so that the hearing will proceed smoothly
    • determine if there is agreement on any of the facts or issues
    • determine whether there are any reasons that the hearing, or parts of the hearing, may need to be closed to the public
    • set a date for the hearing
    • determine whether the identity of any witnesses may need to be withheld at the hearing
    • discuss any other issues.
  • Are pre-hearing conferences open to the public?

    No. Pre-hearing conferences are opportunities for the real estate professional, RECBC lawyers and a hearing panel member to discuss the upcoming hearing and the issues that will be raised at the hearing.

    Pre-hearing conferences are held in advance of a scheduled hearing. Members of the public may attend disciplinary hearings, however pre-hearing conferences are not open to the public.

  • How do I prepare for a pre-hearing conference?

    Licensees and their legal representatives (if any) should arrive at the pre-hearing conference with a good understanding of the matter , the information or evidence they will present at a hearing, the arguments they will make, and the outcome they would like to achieve.

  • What if I can’t attend a pre-hearing conference in person?

    Real estate professionals can choose to attend in person, by phone, or through video conferencing. You can also choose to have your legal counsel attend in your place.

    If you decide not to attend the conference, the hearing can proceed in your absence.

  • Why has RECBC introduced pre-hearing conferences?

    Pre-hearing conferences are used by the courts and by many regulators. By giving all parties an opportunity to ensure they understand the issues and what’s expected of them, they help hearings run smoothly and proceed efficiently. They make disciplinary and qualification processes more effective, and less time-consuming and costly for everyone.

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