Consent Order

Published on 24 July, 2019

Female lawyer reviewing documents
Neil Barnes, Neil Albert Barnes
Current brokerage
Sutton Group-West Coast Realty, Vancouver
Brokerage at time of sanctioned activity
Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Consent Order date
July 17, 2019


A discipline committee of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (the “Council”) accepted the Consent Order Proposal submitted by Neil Albert Barnes, and found that Mr. Barnes committed professional misconduct while acting as the agent for the seller in the sale of the property when he

  1. failed to act in the best interests of his client when he agreed to repay a percentage of his commission to the seller but failed to do so promptly; and
  2. failed to disclose to his client all known material information when he failed to ensure the seller knew that another licensee would be acting as a designated agent and receiving half of the commission from the sale of the property.


A discipline committee of the Council has ordered, and Mr. Barnes has agreed to, the following penalties:

  1. a suspension of fourteen (14) days (from September 4 — 17, 2019, inclusive);
  2. no acting as an unlicensed assistant during the suspension period;
  3. a discipline penalty of $2,500; and
  4. enforcement expenses of $1,500.


Real Estate Services Act

Real Estate Rules