Consent Order

Published on 18 April, 2017

Women reading notebook with computer
James Shaw
Current brokerage
Cypress Land Services Inc.
Brokerage at time of sanctioned activity
Cypress Land Services Inc.
Consent Order date
April 4, 2017


James Thomas Shaw, Andrew Robert Orchard and Jimy Hon Chung Law (licensed as an associate broker) were licensed with TAC Realty Corp. While licensed with the brokerage, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Orchard and Mr. Law also provided real estate services and received remuneration through an unlicensed company.

Licensees may only provide real estate services on behalf of their brokerages, and may only accept remuneration for real estate services from their brokerages.

Mr. Shaw, Mr. Orchard and Mr. Law each contravened sections 7(3)(a) and 7(3)(b) of the Real Estate Services Act.


A discipline committee of the Council has ordered the following:

  1. Mr. Shaw, Mr. Orchard and Mr. Law are each reprimanded, and must each pay a discipline penalty of $2,500.00 to the Council.
  2. Mr. Shaw, Mr. Orchard and Mr. Law must each pay enforcement expenses of $1,500.00 to the Council.
  3. Mr. Shaw, Mr. Orchard and Mr. Law will not, either individually, collectively or with other individuals, provide real estate services outside of their related brokerage, and/or permit an entity of which they have control to provide real estate services unless it is a licensed brokerage.