Consent Order

Published on 14 November, 2018

Female lawyer reviewing documents
Jaideep (JD) Puri, Jaideep Singh Puri
Current brokerage
SRS Westside Realty, Vancouver
Brokerage at time of sanctioned activity
SRS Westside Realty
Consent Order date
October 10, 2018


Mr. Puri, while licensed with RE/MAX Central, engaged in conduct unbecoming of a licensee when he assisted a candidate for licensing under the Real Estate Services Act to prepare a fraudulent physician’s certificate for the purpose of excusing the candidate from the consequences of his failure to submit an assignment on time while completing the Applied Practice Course offered by the British Columbia Real Estate Association.


A discipline committee of the Council has ordered the following:

  1. The licence of Mr. Puri is suspended for 120 days, from November 14, 2018 to March 14, 2019, inclusive.
  2. Mr. Puri is prohibited from acting as an unlicensed assistant during his licence suspension period.
  3. Mr. Puri is liable to pay a discipline penalty of $5,000 to the Council.
  4. Mr. Puri is liable to pay enforcement expenses of $1,500 to the Council.
  5. At his own expense, Mr. Puri must successfully complete a course on ethics to be determined by the Council within a time period to be directed by the Council.
  6. Within 30 days of successfully completing the course on ethics, Mr. Puri must provide a report in writing to the Chair of the Consent Order Review Committee describing, in a manner which is satisfactory to the Chair, what he learned from the course.
  7. The licence of Mr. Puri will include a condition requiring enhanced supervision by a managing broker for a period of one year starting on the date after the end of the licence suspension period on which Mr. Puri first becomes a related licensee of a brokerage. During the period of enhanced supervision, Mr. Puri’s managing broker will provide quarterly reports to the Council.
  8. Mr. Puri will be prohibited from supervising both licensed and unlicensed assistants for a period of two years starting on the date after the end of the licence suspension period on which Mr. Puri first becomes a related licensee of a brokerage, subject to this two (2) year period being varied by the Council pursuant to a recommendation by Mr. Puri’s managing broker in his final quarterly report.

As Mr. Puri has a personal real estate corporation, the licence of J.D. Puri Personal Real Estate Corporation is also suspended, includes the same condition requiring enhanced supervision on its licence, and is equally responsible for paying the discipline penalty and enforcement expenses.


Real Estate Services Act