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Professional Standards Manual

Notice of Change: Information in this manual changed when new agency and disclosure rules came into effect on June 15, 2018. Learn more about the new rules.

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(IV) Personal Real Estate Corporation

A personal real estate corporation’s licensee name is its legal name. Advertising that identifies an individual who has a personal real estate corporation must use the licensee name of the personal real estate corporation, not the individual’s name. Therefore, it is important for the controlling individual to ensure that the legal name of his or her personal real estate corporation is the name in which they wish to advertise.

For example, if Robert Vendre has a personal real estate corporation with the licensee name of Robbie Vendre Personal Real Estate Corporation, advertising must refer to Robbie Vendre Personal Real Estate Corporation, not Robert Vendre. Another example would be where Jie Wu uses the name Jeffrey Wu for advertising purposes and has registered this as his licensee name with Council. If he then wishes to licence a personal real estate corporation, he must choose whether to licence his personal real estate corporation under the name Jeffrey Wu Personal Real Estate Corporation or Jie Wu Personal Real Estate Corporation. If he registers the personal real estate corporation name as Jie Wu Personal Real Estate Corporation, he would then no longer be able to advertise using the name Jeffrey Wu as all advertising must be in the licensee name of Jie Wu Personal Real Estate Corporation. There is no requirement that the font must all be the same, but the term ‘personal real estate corporation’ must be clearly included. Continuing with the example “Robbie Vendre”, the licensee name might appear as:

Robbie Vendre
Personal Real Estate Corporation

The following examples display acceptable forms of advertising for personal real estate corporations.

Example A

PREC Ad Example 1

Example B 
If Robbie Vendre is a member of a team (e.g. The AV Team), the name of that team may be used in advertising. (See below for further information about team names.)

PREC Ad Example 2

Example C 
The name of Robbie Vendre’s personal real estate corporation may also be included with the team name in advertising.

 PREC Ad Example 3

Example D 
The following is an example of an acceptable form of personal real estate corporation advertising for newspaper/ internet or other print advertising.

There is one exception to the general personal real estate corporation advertising rule. Where advertising is generated by a database, for example the way that a board’s MLS® generates advertising like feature sheets and other forms of online listing information, and that database cannot accommodate the entire licensee name of a personal real estate corporation, the MLS® will generate ‘Robbie Vendre PREC*’ and a footnote will appear at the bottom of the information that reads ‘*PREC represents personal real estate corporation’. This exception does not apply to any situations where the licensee generates the advertising.

PREC Newspager