Rule Changes: Agency and Disclosure

This self-paced online course gives you the information you need to understand and comply with the changes to the Rules in effect since June 15, 2018. 

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Rules Changes: Agency and Disclosure

RECBC’s mandatory Rules Changes course is a self-paced online learning opportunity. The course gives you the information you need to understand and comply with the changes to the Rules in effect since June 15, 2018.

You’ll learn:

  • when to use the mandatory disclosure forms

  • the reasons for the changes to agency and disclosure
  • how to adapt your day-to-day business practices
  • how to communicate effectively with consumers about the required disclosures and changes to agency.

Review the many resources in RECBC’s Knowledge Base. You’ll find everything you need to know about the agency and disclosure requirements. It’s a great way to prepare for the course!

Price: $75.00

Course Overview


Who Must Take the Course

Real estate professionals licensed for real estate sales (trading services) and rental property management with licences expiring up to and including September 30, 2020 are required to complete the Rules Changes: Agency and Disclosure course. 


What You will Learn

Real estate professionals will learn the technical requirements of the changes to the Rules, the rationale behind the changes, and what the changes may mean to their day-to-day practice.  This will help ensure that real estate professionals are able to communicate effectively with consumers about the required disclosures and changes to agency, so that consumers can make informed real estate decisions.

When to Take the Course

We encourage you to take the course as soon as possible within your two-year licensing period. Completion of the course is required in order for professionals licensed for trading services or rental property management to renew their licence.

Course Cost

The Rule Changes: Agency and Disclosure course fee is $75. Course fees must be paid upon registration.

Course revenues support the development of further educational resources and courses to enhance real estate professionals’ knowledge and help them to comply with regulatory requirements.

Course Length

Rule Changes: Agency and Disclosure is a self-paced online course. In most cases, it is estimated the course will require a total of 5-6 hours to complete. 

The course must be completed within three days of registering, or the learner will be required to re-register.    


Course Details

This online course, developed in partnership with the UBC Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division, provides real estate professionals with the information they need to understand and comply with the changes to the Rules that became effective in June, 2018.

Module 1A Primer on Agency
Module 2Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services
Module 3Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties
Module 4Disclosure to Sellers of Expected Remuneration
Module 5The Ban on Dual Agency and Dual Agency Disclosure

Each module includes a lesson (including an introductory video) and an assessment. In order to proceed through the modules, learners must complete the lesson and obtain a mark of 70% or higher on the assessment.

Once you have completed and passed the module assessments, you will receive a course completion letter.


Registration Details


REGISTER NOW  — will open in a new tab 

  1. Register for Rule Changes: Agency and Disclosure online through the UBC Sauder School of Business.

    Have your licence number and UBC Real Estate Division student ID number  — will open in a new tab (if you have one) ready when you register for the course. Find your licence number  — will open in a new tab

  2. On the registration page, select a start date that suits your schedule from the list of available dates. You’ll have three days from the start date you select in which to complete the course.
  3. This is a self-paced online course that takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete. The course is based on information published in RECBC’s Knowledge Base. Check out the resources there before starting the course to familiarize yourself with the changes to agency and disclosure rules.

Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from the UBC Sauder School of Business with details for accessing the online course.