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Managing and Associate Brokers

Managing Broker: It is a requirement of the Real Estate Services Act that every brokerage (including sole proprietorships) have a managing broker in place at all times. The managing broker provides a “second look” at the work of all licensed real estate professionals in the brokerage and is built-in information and advice resource for licensees and members of the public.

A managing broker’s responsibilities apply to all activities of the brokerage that require licensing under the Act. The managing broker must be in active charge of the business of the brokerage and must ensure that there is an adequate level of supervision of the licensed professionals engaged by the brokerage.

Learn more about the responsibilities of managing brokers as outlined in the Rules.

Associate Broker: An associate broker has completed all the education required to become a managing broker, but is not in charge of a brokerage. To be licensed as an associate broker, you must successfully complete the Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing course  — will open in a new tab. An associate broker has the option to become a managing broker without further education.

Learn more about the responsibilities of an associate broker as outlined in the Rules.

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