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  • Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines
    These guidelines help real estate professionals understand and comply with their professional obligation to report suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activities.
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    Practice Guidelines
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  • Disclosure Requirements and Brokerage Audits
    When a RECBC auditor visits your brokerage, they will be checking to ensure that your brokerage has adequate policies and procedures in place to comply with all of their legislative requirements, and that all licensees at the brokerage are following them. Our auditors can help brokerages to identify areas where they can strengthen their policies, and answer questions.
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  • Real Advice: Exploring Education
    Staying up-to-date about changes in laws, regulations, and policies that affect your practice is a key part of your responsibilities as a real estate professional.
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    Real Advice
  • Contract Clauses
    Contracts of Purchase and Sale   The intent of each item included in any contract must be clear and so specific that there is no misunderstanding possible with regard to who will do what and by…
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    Professional Standards Manual
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