Guidelines for Personal Offices

Published on 11 March, 2020 - Professional Standards Manual
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Section 4-3 of the Rules details the requirements related to licensees having personal offices outside of the location of their related brokerage.

Licensees may:

  • Have a personal office in their home; however, no sign may be placed outside this office that indicates that real estate services are provided from that office.

  • Have a personal office located in a commercial space. Where the personal office is located in a commercial space, the licensee may have a personal sign posted outside the commercial space office and on the building directory, if applicable (e.g., Joe Smith Personal Office).
  • Have a secretary or other unlicensed staff who may work at the personal office, but who may not engage in any activity requiring a real estate licence.

Licensees may not:

  • Answer the phone in the name of their related brokerage (e.g., Bigfoot Realty).

  • Have a sign outside of their personal office displaying the name of their related brokerage.
  • Indicate their personal office address on advertising, business cards, letterhead, etc. (‘‘advertisements”).

Where advertisements contain an office address, that address must be of the office to which the licensee is licensed. Advertisements may include the licensee’s personal phone number(s).

Licensees must also ensure that they:

  • Provide their related brokerage in a timely manner with all documentation received related to real estate services they are providing (Section 3-2 of the Rules).

  • Immediately deliver all funds received in respect of a trade in real estate or any real estate service to their related brokerage for deposit into trust (Section 27 — will open in a new tab of RESA).