Search Tips for Advanced Users

These frequently asked questions relating to searching on our website may be helpful for advanced users to take advantage of all capabilities of the search function, and find the information they are searching for quickly and easily.

  • The global search can be found on the top right-hand side of every page. This search function will search ALL the content on the website for a specific keyword you input.

    website global search bar

    The Knowledge Base search can be found in two locations, on the Professional landing page and in the Knowledge Base. When you search within the Knowledge Base all the information you will find has been specifically tailored for real estate professionals. The Knowledge Base contains the PSM, BSM, Report from Council, webinars, videos, guides, FAQ, and articles.

    Professional Landing Page

    Knowledge base search bar

    Knowledge Base Landing Page

    search in knowledge base
  • How can I find all the PSM or BSM content?

    When you visit the Knowledge Base, directly under the search bar you will find a link to “see all content”. You can click on the link and use the filters on the right side of the page to narrow your search results.

    Step 1

    Knowledge base see all content

    Step 2

    search example using filter
  • How do I use the filters?

    The filters are located on the right side of the search results. You can filter by category and professional type. Filtering helps to remove content you aren’t interested in. For example, if you are looking for a video selecting the video category will remove all content that isn’t a video.

    example of search filters
  • How can I find a specific keyword on a page?

    Once you have landed on a page you can find a specific keyword by using the shortcut “Control+F” on a PC or “Command+F” on a Mac. This will call up a search bar where you can type in a keyword. Once you have entered your keyword it will be highlighted throughout the page. If there are multiple instances of your keyword, you can press enter to skip to the next highlighted instance.

    Use control F to find keyword
  • Is there an easy way to find agency and disclosure forms and clauses?

    Quick links to the agency and disclosure forms and clauses can be found at the top of the Knowledge Base.

    Knowledge base quicklinks