RECBC Forms App FAQs

How do I add the RECBC Forms App to my home screen?

For Android, open Chrome and navigate to  — will open in a new tab. You should be prompted to add the app to your home screen. If not, tap Settings (the three vertical dots) and then tap Add to Home Screen.

For iOS, open Safari and navigate to  — will open in a new tab. Tap the share button (the rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards). On an iPad this is located in the top bar, and on iPhones at the bottom of the screen. In the share menu, scroll the bottom row of icons to find Add to Home Screen, tap the icon and then click Add.


Where does the information go?

Reviewed and signed forms are sent via email by the real estate professional to their brokerage and the consumer (if requested) and are discarded from the RECBC Forms App after 72 hours. The RECBC Forms App does not store or use consumer information collected for purposes other than to comply with the new rules or to send the form.


What kind of security does the app have?

The RECBC Forms App is a progressive web app which is similar to a traditional website while allowing the app to be saved to a device’s home screen and accessed offline. Real estate professionals should adhere to best practices for device security to ensure data in the RECBC Forms App is protected.


How is the data protected?

Real estate professionals should adhere to best practices for device security to ensure the data is protected. Professionals are recommended to password protect their device and to supervise consumers when they are using the RECBC Forms App. No consumer data is stored outside of the professional’s device.


How long are filled forms saved on my device?

Filled forms are stored locally on the RECBC Forms App for 72 hours and then permanently deleted. Brokerages are required to retain the copy of the filled form that is sent to them.


What if I don’t have internet access? Can I still use the RECBC Forms App?

Yes, the RECBC Forms App works offline. Any forms completed while your device is offline will be saved under Recently Saved Forms and will send the next time your device has a connection.


What do I do if the emailed disclosure was not received by me, my brokerage ​and/​or the consumer?

  • Check your spam or junk folder as it may have found its way there in error.
  • Select “Recently Saved Forms” from the home screen of the app and tap “Resend PDF” next to the disclosure form. The disclosure will be resent to the consumer using the email address provided by them in the form and the email addresses in your settings.
  • If you received the email, forward the disclosure from your inbox to the party who did not receive it or contact your brokerage to ask them to forward the disclosure. In order to protect the consumers’ privacy, email addresses cannot be used for any other purpose than sending or re-sending the form.
  • If you did not received the email, check the email address(es) you entered in app settings to ensure it does not contain any errors.

Can my settings sync up on all my devices?

No, the RECBC Forms App is stored by your device’s browser and cannot be synced to other devices.


Do my filled forms sync to all my devices?

No, the RECBC Forms App is stored by your device’s browser and forms cannot be synced to other devices.


What are the technical requirements for the RECBC Forms App?

The RECBC Forms App is optimized to run in a web browser on a tablet or phone. Recommended browsers are the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge or Safari. The RECBC Forms App can also be used in a web browser on a Windows or Mac computer.


Which browsers are recommended for the RECBC Forms App?

All newer versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera

  • Safari — 10 and later
  • Android — 4.4 and later
  • IE — 11 and later
  • Blackberry -10
  • Opera Mobile - 46
  • UC for Android - 11.8
  • Samsung Internet — 4 and later

How do I report bugs or other technical issues?

You can email [email protected]. Please provide as much information as possible about the issue you are having, what device you are using and how you can be contacted.

Published on Jun 14, 2018