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Rental Property Manager Licensing


Before you review the following steps on how to become licensed as a rental property manager in BC, make sure you also read about Real Estate as a Career, for important information about

  • the real estate industry,
  • the Council’s licensing and education requirements,
  • an outline of anticipated expenses and budget items.

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Step-by-Step Licensing Guide

Show/Hide AnswerStep 1: Register for and Successfully Complete the Licensing Course and Examination

The Rental Property Management Licensing Course is offered by the UBC Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division.  This blended learning course allows you to register at any time.

While the course is flexible in order to meet the needs of busy adult learners, it provides just enough structure to ensure high quality learning. You must complete all course assignments within one year of registration in the course and also pass a final examination. 

On average, most individuals complete the course and exam within six months, based on completing one assignment a week and usually spending 10 – 12 hours per assignment. 

Effective January 1, 2017, students must obtain a minimum grade of 70% in order to pass the licensing examination.

The course covers a variety of real estate, legal, valuation and rental property management topics and for detailed information you can view the Table of Contents.

The following student support services are included in the course tuition fee:

  • Tutorial assistance from course specialists, through a toll-free number and email.
  • Online course resources, containing course updates, study materials, schedules, discussion forums, and tutorial information.


Instead of spending additional money on external tutors/lectures, we encourage students to take advantage of the Tutorial Assistance and Lectures provided with their Trading Services Licensing course .

The Real Estate Council and the UBC Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division have no ties with any external tutorial classes. These services are not monitored and the Real Estate Council and UBC Real Estate Division cannot be responsible for any information provided by these individuals or companies. 

External tutorial companies regularly make false claims, such as “only 30% of students pass the exam” or “we’ll guarantee that you will pass the exam”, so that you will spend your money with them. Remember, there are no guarantees and the UBC Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division works with all students to provide every opportunity for success.

For more course information and online course registration, please visit the UBC Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division’s Rental Property Management Licensing Course webpage.

If you feel that you have previous education or experience that would exempt you from either the Licensing Course or Examination, please review the Council’s Education Exemption Guidelines.

Show/Hide AnswerStep 2: Satisfy the Language Proficiency Requirement

Prior to registering for the Rental Property Management Licensing Course examination individuals must satisfy the Language Proficiency Requirement.

Show/Hide AnswerStep 3: Obtain a Criminal Record Check

You are required to obtain an original criminal record check from your local police agency and submit it along with your licence application to the Council. Click here for detailed information.

After you have successfully completed the Rental Property Management Licensing Course and examination, you may apply to the Real Estate Council of British Columbia for licensing as a representative licensed to provide rental property management services by completing the Application for Representative, Associate or Managing Broker Licence form.

Click here for licensing fees.

**Please forward all original documents in one package to the Council office via mail or courier. Please do not email or fax your initial application as the original criminal record check is required.**

Section 10(b)(i) of the Real Estate Services Act requires real estate licence applicants to be at least 19 years of age.


  1. When applying for licensing, individuals must have their intended employer sign the application for licensing. It is recommended that while individuals are taking the Rental Property Management Licensing Course they meet with potential employers.

  2. Should more than one year elapse from the time you pass the licensing exam until a licence application is submitted by you, you will be required to pass the exam again. No exceptions.

Once an individual has completed the steps noted above, they will be licensed as a representative licensed to provide rental property management services.

Show/Hide AnswerRelicensing Education Program

The Relicensing Education Program (REP) requires licensees to complete a course during each two-year licensing period as a condition of continued licensing.  For further information, please see the REP page.

Show/Hide AnswerBudget

Making a commitment to become a licensed rental property manager includes (but is not limited to) the following financial considerations: 

  • LPI examination (if required) – $109 + tax in BC, $135 + tax outside of BC and 160 + tax in Hong Kong
  • Licensing fees (includes 2 year licensing fee, Errors & Omissions insurance and Compensation Fund Corporation assessment)
  • Criminal record check – costs vary depending on police agency.
  • Additional costs for consideration: smart phone, computer, printer, scanner, website, internet access, car lease and business car insurance, business clothing, etc.