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Guide to Making an Anonymous Tip


Anyone can anonymously report suspicious activity or unethical conduct by real estate professionals to RECBC. To submit a tip, you can either call our anonymous reporting hotline (1.833.420.2400) or use our anonymous online tip form.

Before submitting a tip to RECBC, please review the information below and ensure you provide enough specific detail to support your tip.

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Tips should include (at minimum):

  • the nature of the wrongdoing;
  • the date and location of the incident; and
  • the name of the person alleged to have committed the wrongdoing.


Please include as much relevant information as possible, such as:

  • a chronological statement of events;
  • a copy of the applicable contracts (listing, purchase, service agreement, etc.);
  • a copy of any other records; or
  • names of individuals who may have relevant information, documents or records.


The tip may not proceed to a formal investigation if RECBC determines that:

  • the tip fails to provide particulars of wrongdoing;
  • there is no evidence of professional misconduct or conduct unbecoming a licensee;
  • the matter can be informally resolved; or
  • the matter is determined to be frivolous or vexatious.


Tips are anonymous. However, RECBC’s investigation process includes the following:

  • RECBC will share some or all of the information and copies of documents that it receives from you and any other person with the subject of your report;
  • RECBC may at its discretion talk to any third parties who may have relevant information concerning the matters raised by your tip;
  • our records are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and as a result, information gathered by RECBC may be disclosed, on request, to other persons whose interests are affected; and
  • our records may be disclosed as required by the courts.

Before you submit a tip, consider carefully whether any of these factors may result in your identity becoming known to parties involved in the matter. Learn more about RECBC’s complaints procedures.


Please note: There is no legislative protection for whistleblowers in BC, meaning they may face potential reprisals should those individuals be identified inside their organization.