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Professional Standards Advisors


Our Professional Standards Advisors provide information and answer questions about the standards of conduct required of licensees by the Real Estate Services Act, Regulation, and Rules. They offer confidential email or telephone service for BC real estate licensees, and they respond to questions from members of the public.

If you have questions about the conduct expected of a real estate licensee, please review the information below, and get in touch with a Professional Standards Advisor today to learn more.


About the Professional Standards Advisors

Services for Consumers
The Professional Standards Advisors are available to answer questions from members of the public who may be concerned about the services of a real estate licensee, or who require information about the duties and obligations of real estate licensees.

If you are wondering whether you should submit a complaint to RECBC, a conversation with a Professional Standards Advisor can help you to understand if a complaint would be appropriate. If your concerns fall outside of RECBC’s jurisdiction, a Professional Standards Advisor may be able to direct you to another regulatory body or law enforcement agency.


Services for Licensees
The Professional Standards Advisors provide assistance and information on practice-related topics for licensed representatives, associate brokers, and managing brokers. There are limits to the assistance that the Professional Standards Advisors can provide. They cannot:

  • provide legal advice
  • review transaction documents
  • mediate disputes between licensees, or between licensees and a managing broker or brokerage
  • assist with complaints that have been made to the Real Estate Council
  • offer opinions or assess the conduct of another licensee
  • offer counselling or supports related to a licensee’s personal issues.

The services provided by the Professional Standards Advisors are confidential, unless information disclosed to an Advisor indicates the matter presents an urgent public risk, such as misappropriation of consumer funds.


Licensees: Before calling the Professional Standards Advisors

If you are a licensee, before contacting the Professional Standards Advisors, try looking for the information you need in these sources:  

Can’t find the information you need? Your next step should be:

  • Consulting your managing broker.

If you cannot find an answer to your question through these sources, call or email a Professional Standards Advisor. Before you contact an Advisor, keep these points in mind:

  • A Professional Standards Advisor cannot advise you about an open complaint. If a complaint has been made against you, it is too late to call a Professional Standards Advisor for help. The appropriate time to call an advisor for help is before a complaint is made. A Professional Standards Advisor cannot discuss an open complaint.
  • Leaving a voicemail? Be detailed.  The Professional Standards Advisors receive a high volume of calls every day. Sometimes, an advisor will not be available when you call, and it will be necessary for you to leave a voicemail.  Voicemails are returned in the order they are received, and we endeavour to respond within one business day.  

You can help the Professional Standards Advisors to respond quickly to your inquiry, by including the following information in your voicemail:

  • Your full name
  • Your brokerage
  • Your phone number 
  • Briefly, your question or the general topic you need assistance with
  • Any restrictions on your availability for a return call.

Please remember to speak clearly and slowly when leaving your name and contact information.

  • Take notes! When discussing a question with a Professional Standards Advisor over the phone, it is useful to take detailed notes about the information provided.
  • Allow one business day to receive a return call or email. The Professional Standards Advisors try to respond to all telephone and email inquiries within one business day from the time the inquiry is received. If more than a day has gone by, and you have not received a response, call us back and indicate when you previously left a message.  There may have been an issue with audibility or we may not have received your message.


Contact us

We want to hear from you and we are here to help. Contact us by:

  • Phoneplease call 604.683.9664 or toll free 1.877.683.9664, Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, and ask to speak with a Professional Standards Advisor.  
  • Email: send your detailed email to [email protected] Be sure to include your name and contact information, including phone number. If you are a licensee please also include the name of your brokerage.



The Professional Standards Advisors do not give legal advice. Responses are educational in nature and intended as general guidance. Licensees must exercise their own professional judgment in applying any guidance to their specific situation. Any guidance provided is confidential and is for the recipient’s use only. The Real Estate Council of BC is not responsible for any loss or damages arising from any reliance on information obtained from the Professional Standards Advisors. Licensees are responsible for individually and independently satisfying themselves of the soundness of any information provided by a Professional Standards Advisor. If you have legal questions, you should obtain legal advice.