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Do you have questions about the rules coming into effect on June 15th 2018?


If you have read our Consumer FAQ or Licensee FAQ pages and you still have questions about the rules, we want to hear from you. 

Council staff read and assess each question that we receive through this form, to ensure that the resources we develop will be as useful as possible. Because we can’t answer every question individually, we will post new answers to the top questions on our online Consumer FAQ and Licensee FAQ pages and in our Real Advice e-newsletter, so that the answers to common questions are available to everyone.

By asking us a question, you’ll help ensure that everyone has a better understanding of the rules announced by the Superintendent of Real Estate.

Please focus your comments around one specific issue or area. If you wish to address multiple issues, please send separate comments or questions about each one.

Information you submit through this form is anonymous. No information will be collected about your identity except what you provide below.