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Questions and Answers about the Anonymous Tipline


If you have a questions about the Anonymous Tipline, check the information below for brief answers to many common questions. If your question is not answered here, you may find answers in one of the pages listed below.

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Show/Hide AnswerWhat is the difference between a tip and a complaint?


Tips: The Council’s Anonymous Tipline gives members of the public and real estate professionals the opportunity to let us know about suspicious activities, while protecting their identities. Because no names are provided, we won’t be able to follow up with you. That means that if your tip doesn’t include enough information, we may not be able to investigate.

Complaints: The Council has an obligation to open an investigation file for every complaint we receive. We’ll contact you to acknowledge that we’ve received your complaint and we may follow up to request more information or key documents. Our investigations are confidential, unless and until a hearing is called into the matter. Learn more about making a complaint


Show/Hide AnswerWhat happens when I make a call to the Anonymous Tipline?

Telephone calls to the Council’s Anonymous Tipline are not recorded, nor is there a caller ID to identify the call. You will not be asked to provide your name.


You will be asked to provide your detailed report to an experienced investigator, who may ask you some additional clarification questions, while taking the details of your report.


If your tip includes sufficient evidence of misconduct, we may initiate an investigation.  

Show/Hide AnswerWhat happens to the information I provide in an anonymous tip?

The Council will review the information and take appropriate action. If your tip includes sufficient evidence of misconduct, we can initiate an investigation.  

Show/Hide AnswerWill the Council provide me with any feedback on the tip I make?

No. The Council does not provide any feedback and/or updates on tips received through the Anonymous Tipline, or subsequent actions taken. The Council’s investigations are confidential.

Show/Hide AnswerWhat if I suspect something is wrong but I am not sure?

For more information about the services to expect from a licensed real estate professional, and about the rules and legislation that regulates the practices of real estate professionals in BC, contact the Council’s Professional Standards Advisors.  


Show/Hide AnswerDoes the Council pay for tips?

No. The Anonymous Tipline does not pay for information received from informants.


Show/Hide AnswerWill my identity be revealed?

The Council only accepts anonymous tips through our Anonymous Tipline. Please do not include any of your contact information in your tip.


The Council’s investigation are confidential, and until and unless a hearing is called into a matter we may not speak publicly about the progress or details of an investigation, or confirm or deny that an investigation is underway.


If you were a party to a transaction in which the alleged misconduct occurred, and the Council launches an investigation as a result of your information, it is possible that you may be contacted as part of the Council’s investigation. While you do not need to reveal to the Council investigator that you submitted an anonymous tip related to the transaction, you should be prepared to respond to potential requests for information. 


Tips submitted through the Anonymous Tipline are anonymous and therefore the Council cannot reveal your identity. However, be aware that in some cases, due to the nature of real estate transactions and the limited numbers of parties involved, if the Council launches an investigation, other parties to the transaction may deduce who submitted the tip.


Show/Hide AnswerCan I send you a tip by email?

The Council accepts information to the Anonymous Tipline through our dedicated toll-free hotline at 1.833.420.2400 and through our secure online form.


You may also send us an anonymous tip by regular mail (please do not include a return address). In order to preserve your anonymity, we do not accept tips by email or social media.


Show/Hide AnswerHow long will the entire process take?

The Council reviews each tip to determine if there is sufficient evidence of misconduct to initiate an investigation. The length of time required for an investigation and a disciplinary process will depend on the complexity of the matter, and the number of parties involved. Council investigations are confidential.