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Real Estate Legal Update Course Policies  





The following words and phases shall have the following meanings: 

“Child/Children” means a person or persons under the age of 18 who is not enrolled in RECBC’s course. 

“Classroom Component” means the in-person component of the Course hosted by approved Providers. This component is instructor-led and follows the Online Component. 

“Course” means any one of the four versions RECBC’s  Legal Update course (residential, commercial, strata, and property management), each of which consists of two components: the Online Component and the Classroom Component. 

“Course Completion” means completing the Online Component and the Classroom Component. (Both components must be completed 30 days prior to licence expiry date.) 

“Course Start Date” means the date a learner receives access to the online component. 

“Distance-based model” means the delivery of the Classroom Component using a synchronous remote delivery online platform such as Adobe Connect, Zoom or another platform. 

“Learner” means a person who is enrolled in, or intends to enroll, in the Course.  

“Manager” means the RECBC manager responsible for management and administration of the Course. 

“Online component” means the first component of the Course which is hosted online by the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business Real Estate Division. This component is fully asynchronous and must be completed prior to attending the Classroom Component. 

“Provider” means one of the Real Estate Boards or an alternative provider approved by RECBC.  

“Real Estate Board” means one of the eleven real estate boards in British Columbia. 

“RECBC” means the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, a regulatory body established under the Real Estate Services Act.  



(1) Where the context requires it, the masculine shall include the feminine and vice-versa and the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa. 

(2) Policies and Course fees may change from time to time without notice. 

(3) These policies may be accessible from multiple sources.  In case of conflict, the version posted on RECBC’s website is considered to be the official version. 





(1) Enrollment for the Course may be completed on RECBC’s website at Admission and enrollment requirements are under the sole jurisdiction of RECBC. 

(2) The Course fee must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. The course fee includes all course materials. 

(3) A learner can enroll in the Course ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled Classroom Component. A learner can enroll in the Course no later than nine (9) business days (four (4) days online + five (5) days for preparation and administration) prior to the Classroom Component. 

  • For example, a learner enrolls in the course on January 15, 2018.
  • The online component starts on January 22, 2018 and must be completed by February 4, 2018 at midnight.
  • The learner attends the Classroom Component on Monday, February 12, 2018.



(1) Requests to withdraw from the Course must be made in writing and emailed to  [email protected]. If a withdrawal request from the Course is made more than 10 business days prior to the Course Start Date, RECBC will refund fees paid for the Course less a $25 administrative fee. RECBC will only issue refunds to the original credit card used during enrollment and will require approximately 2 weeks for processing. 

(2) NO REFUND is available where the request to withdraw is received on or after the 10th business day prior to the Course Start Date. 


2.03Transfer requests 

(1) Requests to transfer from one session of the Course to another must be made in writing and emailed to  [email protected]

(2) Requests made more than twelve (12) calendar days prior to the Course Start Date will be subject to a transfer fee of $25. The $25 fee is applicable for each transfer request made. 

(3) Transfer requests made less than twelve (12) calendar days prior to the Course Start Date and more than eleven (11) calendar days prior to the Classroom Component date will be subject to an administrative fee of 50% ($137.50) of the course fee.

(4) All fees must be paid directly to the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC). 

(5) A learner must attend the Classroom Component within 60 days of successfully completing the Online Component. 




3.01Number of attempts 

(1) A learner can attempt to complete the Online Component within the designated timeframes up to a maximum of three times in any licensing cycle.  

(2) A learner has an unlimited number of attempts to complete the end of module quizzes, but is limited to three attempts to enroll and complete the Online Component. 



(1) Learners are required to achieve a minimum of 70% on all end of module quizzes in the Online Component. Learners have an unlimited number of attempts to complete and achieve the minimum grade on the end of module quizzes within the timeframe allotted for the Online Component.  However, if he / she does not do so within the timeframe allotted, he / she will be required to retake the Online Component.  The learner will not proceed to the Classroom Component until he / she successfully completes the Online Component. 

(2) Learners are required to respond to the PRE- and POST-REFLECTION QUESTIONS and review PRE-CLASSROOM assignments. 

(3) RECBC has the sole discretion and is the final authority over all matters concerning the validity of assignments, assessment scores and completion status. 




4.01 Distance-based offerings 

(1) The Distance-Based Model allows learners to attend the Classroom Component remotely. The synchronous remote delivery online platform may be provided by RECBC and / or other Providers. 

(2) RECBC may offer the Distance-Based Model when access to the Classroom Component is challenging due to weather conditions; or specialty offerings e.g. commercial, managing brokers; and / or disabilities preclude access to the classroom. 

(3) Learners in a distance based session are required to actively participate verbally and have a camera on at all times. Learners must participate from a stationary space free from background noise and/or distractions. Due to safety and engagement concerns, driving while doing the course is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in the leaner being required to reschedule the course.  




5.01 Change of Profile (Address, Email Address, Phone Number) 

(1) Learners are responsible for notifying RECBC in writing of any change to their address, email address or phone number. Correspondence will be sent to the latest address on record. 

(2) Notification must be sent to RECBC under a separate cover from any course work. 


5.02 Discretion of the Manager 

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in these Policies to the contrary, where a learner alleges that he or she has been unfairly prejudiced by the application of these Policies, an application in writing may be made to the Manager for relief. The Manager may take such action on such terms as the Manager sees fit. 


5.03 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 

RECBC’s collection, use, disclosure and retention of information must comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Collected personal information will only be used by authorized RECBC staff to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected or for a use consistent with that purpose.  


5.04 Accommodation  

Learners who require accommodation in order to attend, participate in or complete a Course due to a limitation which is associated with or caused by a characteristic protected under the Human Rights Code should contact RECBC to make an accommodation request. 


5.05 Appropriate Use of Educational Materials 

While a great deal of care is taken to provide accurate and current information in courses, neither RECBC, its staff, or consultants assume responsibility for any use or reliance beyond the Course’s operation. The Course materials are prepared for educational purposes with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal or accounting advice. The general principles and conclusions presented are subject to local, provincial, and federal laws and regulations, court cases, and any revisions of the same. 


5.06 Children in the Classroom 

RECBC is committed to providing a healthy, safe environment conducive to work and learning. Children are not permitted in classroom sessions due to several factors such as: safety; the nature of the subject being covered; and the potential impact on the ability to teach, work or learn effectively.  



The Real Estate Council of BC reserves the right to amend course schedules, course availability, fees, content, policies, manual and other reference materials without notice at its sole and absolute discretion. Learners may be required at any time to incur expenses such as travel and accommodation expenses in relation to the course, whether the course schedule is amended or not, and those expenses shall be the sole responsibility of the learner.