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Licensing and Enforcement Statistics


RECBC maintains statistics on the number of individuals and brokerages licensed to provide real estate services in BC, on the complaints we receive and on the investigations and prosecutions we conduct. We also track statistics on our disciplinary outcomes, the brokerages we audit, and the inquiries from licensees and consumers we respond to. We continuously monitor this information to identify emerging regulatory issues and trends in BC’s real estate industry.

Below you will find selected statistics including licensing numbers, complaints received and disciplinary outcomes. These are updated quarterly throughout the year. Please check back periodically for current information.


Quarterly Statistics Reporting April 2018 – March 2019

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  As of June 30 As of Sept 30
Total Number of Licensed Real Estate Professionals 25,846 26,023


Breakdown of Licence Holders by Category As of June 30 As of Sept 30 

Trading Services

24,295 24,455

Rental Property Management

5,334 5,232

Strata Property Management

1,309 1,308


25,846 26,023

Note: Individuals may be licenced for more than one licence category. Therefore total of breakdown by category exceeds total number of licensed real estate professionals. 


Breakdown of Licence Holders by Level  As of June 30  As of Sept 30

Managing Brokers

1,367 1,367

Associate Brokers

1,557 1,555


22,922 23,101


25,846 26,023


   As of June 30  As of Sept 30
Licensed Brokerages 1,526 1,532

Note: Licensed brokerages include branch offices and sole proprietors.

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Complaints by Source  Q1 Report Apr – Jun Q2 Report Jul – Sept

Consumer Complaint

151 139  

Licensee Complaint

36 33  

Initiated by RECBC

49 56  

Referred by a real estate board

2 2  

Referred by another regulator

3 3  


21 8  
Total Received  262 241  


   Q1 Report Apr – Jun Q2 Report Jul – Sept
Anonymous Tips 138 133

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Enforcement  Q1 Report Apr – Jun Q2 Report Jul – Sept

Consent Orders Issued

13 10  

Disciplinary Hearings Held*

5 3  

Fines Issued

6 11  

Total Fine amounts

$65,500 $34,625   

Suspensions Issued

11 3  

Letters of Advisement Issued

3 10  

License Surrenders

1 _  

*Disciplinary hearings are, in most cases, held in two parts: a hearing on liability, followed in cases where there is a finding of liability by a hearing to determine penalty.

   Q1 Report Apr – Jun Q2 Report Jul – Sept
Discipline Appeals




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Breakdown by Source of Inquiry  Q1 Report Apr – Jun Q2 Report Jul – Sept


2,917 2,328  


928 891  


81 35  


3,926 3,254  


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   Q1 Report Apr – Jun Q2 Report Jul – Sept

Brokerages audited

78 52  

Show/Hide AnswerRegulatory Education

Breakdown of Students Registered for Licensing Examinations, by Category  Q1 Report Apr – Jun  Q2 Report Jul – Sept

Real Estate Trading Services

1,045 874  

Rental Property Management Services

108 119  

Strata Management Services

56 55  

Managing Brokers

46 36  

Note: These numbers represent all individuals writing exams, not the outcomes (i.e. pass/fail)