Reports & Plans

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RECBC’s reports and plans provide our stakeholders, including government, the general public and real estate professionals, with accountability and transparency about our current and future activities.

Service Plan

You can read about our goals and objectives as a Crown agency in our Service Plan, which includes a financial summary and operational highlights, along with the performance measures we will use to evaluate our success in achieving our aims.

2020 Mandate Letter
2020 — 2023 Service Plan

The service plan outlines our goals and objectives for the next three years, along with the performance measures we will use to track our progress towards achieving them.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

RECBC’s Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 includes our vision and mission, and the key values that guide our work.

  • Strategic Plans

    The Real Estate Council of BC is proud to present its Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021.

    “Our mandate is to regulate the real estate industry in the public interest. This plan presents our vision for the future,” said Council Chair Robert Holmes. “I want to thank the many stakeholders and organizational partners who provided input on how to enhance consumer protection. Their participation was of great assistance to us during the process of developing this plan.”

    “During our consultations with stakeholders, we were privileged to hear the thoughts and perspectives of many individuals, both industry and non-industry members, on the challenges and opportunities ahead for real estate regulation in BC. Their comments were an integral part of our development of goals and objectives for the next three years.”

    The renewed vision and plan support the RECBC’s transition from a self-regulating body, to a Crown agency with Council members appointed by and accountable to the provincial government.

    RECBC’s vision for the future is of a province where real estate consumers have confidence in competent and ethical real estate professionals. Our strategic plan will support the realization of this vision, by focusing the RECBC’s resources to achieve its strategic goals and objectives.

    Our strategy is based on achieving three interconnected goals:

    • To ensure that consumers and real estate licensees have access to independent, accurate and relevant information
    • To raise awareness of the RECBC as a trusted, consumer-focused regulator
    • To foster a culture of service excellence through employee engagement

    RECBC’s strategic plan works in parallel with our commitments to government, which are outlined in our Service Plan and Mandate Letter.

Annual Reports

2019 — 2020 Financial Information Act Return

Financial Statements for the year ending March 31, 2020

2018 Annual Report

Our annual report provides a full picture of our performance for the year with infographics, charts, financial statements and details of our service improvements and program initiatives.

Real Estate Compensation Fund Corporation Report

Real Estate Compensation Fund Corporation Report

2020 Annual Report of the Real Estate Compensation Fund Corporation

Executive Compensation

RECBC is committed to openness and accountability. As part of our efforts to provide transparent information about our organization to British Columbians, we disclose total compensation for the Executive Officer and next four highest-ranking executive positions. 

Advisory Group Report

The Independent Advisory Group was initiated by RECBC in February, 2016. Led by the Superintendent of Real Estate, the group brought together experts from across a range of public and private organizations to review the conduct requirements in place for real estate professionals in BC, and to make recommendations to enhance protections for real estate consumers.

Report of the Independent Advisory Group

Learn more about RECBC’s ongoing work to implement the recommendations of the Independent Advisory Group and enhance protection for real estate consumers in BC.