Real Estate Council Multi-Year Planning Announcement

Published on 21 February, 2017

Real Estate Council Multi-Year Planning in 2017/18

February 21, 2017, Vancouver, BC —The Real Estate Council of BC is a consumer protection agency established by the provincial government in 1958 to regulate the province’s real estate industry. We are responsible for licensing individuals and brokerages engaged in real estate sales, rental property and strata management. We enforce standards of conduct, we investigate complaints from the public against licensees and we impose disciplinary sanctions under the Real Estate Services Act.

As a regulator accountable to government, we are committed to serving the public interest and operating in accordance with the province’s Taxpayer Accountability Principles. In 2017/18, the Council will be developing and implementing a three-year strategic plan aimed at enhancing consumer protection and building public confidence in the province’s real estate sector. This will include ensuring that real estate licensees are competent professionals serving their clients’ best interests, that complaints are investigated in a fair and thorough manner, and that licensees are appropriately disciplined for any wrongful actions.

This multi-year plan will inform future service plans for the organization and will support the ongoing evolution of the real estate industry in our province as we strive to ensure that consumers are well-protected, well-informed, and well-served by real estate professionals.

We are committed to communicating regularly on our progress and will be posting updates on the status of the Council’s efforts to implement the recommendations made by the Independent Advisory Group, as well as our annual report and any other progress reports as required by the Minister of Finance.

About the Council

The Real Estate Council of BC is responsible for protecting the public interest by assuring the competency of real estate licensees. The Council enforces standards of conduct for the more than 24,000 real estate licensees across BC, licenses real estate professionals, audits and inspects real estate brokerages, investigates complaints, and imposes disciplinary sanctions against licensees who contravene the Real Estate Services Act.

Anyone who is concerned that a real estate licensee has acted improperly is encouraged to contact the Council, by phone at 1-877-683-9664, or by email at [email protected].

Media Contact:

Marilee Peters

Communications Officer, Real Estate Council of BC

604-683-9664 | [email protected]