New Licence Application Do's and Don'ts

Published on 6 February, 2017

Hoping to get new recruits at your brokerage on the job quickly? Here are some tips to keep in mind when submitting new licence applications to the Council.

By following these tips you’ll help to make sure that licence applications from your brokerage are processed efficiently. Remember: sending a new licence application by email and following up with an original by mail or courier does not speed up processing time. Instead, it can cause administrative delays that may slow down the processing times for ALL licence applications.

Do:Send first time applications to the Council’s office as a complete package, including the original, hard-copy version of the criminal record check and a clear copy of government-issued photo identification along with the completed, signed application form and appropriate payment.

Do Not:Send a first time licence application by email or fax. We cannot process a new licence application that does not include an original criminal record check.

Do:Send a first time licence application to the Council’s office by regular or registered mail, courier or hand delivery.

Do Not:Send a licence application form and a criminal record check and/or photo identification separately. The Council cannot begin to process a licence application until we have received a COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKAGE.

Do:Verify all application details with the applicant before signing an applicant’s licence application.

Do:Allow at least 5 — 10 business days for the processing of a first-time licensing application. If the applicant has not yet completed the required Applied Practice Course components, the licence will be issued 5 — 10 business days after completion.

Do:Use the licensee search function on the Council’s website at  — will open in a new tab to check that a licence has been issued. We recommend that you check online before calling the Council to inquire about the licence status.

Do:Share this information with administrative staff at your brokerage, so that first time applications can be processed efficiently.

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