RECBC is a crown agency, accountable to the Minister of Finance through our appointed Council members. We are committed to fair, effective and transparent regulation of real estate professionals in BC.

It’s our job to make sure that the interests of British Columbians are protected when buying, selling, renting or leasing real estate. We encourage public confidence by enforcing standards of conduct for real estate professionals.

Council Members

Meet the members of the Real Estate Council of BC.
Council members bring a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds to the governance of RECBC and the regulation of real estate in BC.

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Group of RECBC Council members

Committees and Advisory Groups

RECBC committees support the fulfillment of our governance and regulatory responsibilities. Through our Advisory Groups we engage and consult regularly with our diverse stakeholders, including industry members and others.

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Leadership Team

Our leadership team directs and guides the operations of RECBC, to support the strategic direction of the organization. They provide direction to staff, coordinate resources and activities, and ensure we continue to uphold our regulatory mandate. Meet the members of the RECBC executive team.

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Group of RECBC's executive team

Stakeholder Engagement

The Real Estate Council of BC is committed to fair, effective and transparent regulation. Engaging with our stakeholders is critical to achieving our goals.

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Council Meetings & Minutes

RECBC takes an open and transparent approach to decision making. Council meeting are open to the public, and minutes of the proceedings are available on our website.

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