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Professional Standards Manual

Notice of Change: Information in this manual changed when new agency and disclosure rules came into effect on June 15, 2018. Learn more about the new rules.

Trading Services

4. General Information

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(5) Radon Gas – A Health and Environmental Concern in some areas of the Province

[06/19/2012 The following section was added to the Professional Standards Manual]

All Licensees are reminded that they are expected to demonstrate competency and apply reasonable care and skill in their provision of real estate services to their clients, whether those services are trading, rental property management or strata property management services. In order to demonstrate competence a licensee must be knowledgeable about local environmental conditions that may be material to the interests of their clients, be they buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants or strata corporations. While licensees are not expected to be experts in all areas that impact real estate, they are expected to be alert to potential environmental/health concerns in the areas in which they practice and are obliged to advise clients to seek independent professional advice on matters outside of the expertise of the licensee.

An example of an environmental/health concern affecting real estate that has been widely reported is the presence of radon gas in some areas of the Province. The links below are excellent sources of information on radon gas that licensees may wish to review and direct any clients to, who may be impacted by the potential for the presence of radon gas in a property they occupy, are considering selling or buying.

The Council expects licensees to take appropriate steps to alert their clients to the existence of known health or environmental concerns, in the geographic area(s) in which they provide real estate services. A prudent licensee may wish to research and be able to provide suggestions as to where clients may obtain factual information and independent advice such as the links provided above. In addition to radon gas, this expectation would apply to other environmental/health considerations that impact real estate, including but not limited to, underground oil storage tanks, asbestos, sewage, suitability of site topography and water potability.