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Professional Standards Manual

Notice of Change: Information in this manual changed when new agency and disclosure rules came into effect on June 15, 2018. Learn more about the new rules.

Trading Services

4. General Information

(a) Contract Clauses - View Entire Section

(XVII) Financing Information - View Subsection
(2) New First Mortgage Clause

New First Mortgage Clause

Subject to a new first mortgage being made available to the Buyer on or before (date) , in the amount of $ (amount) at an interest rate not to exceed ___ % per annum calculated (select either half-yearly or monthly) , not in advance, with a ____- year amortization period, ____- year term and repayable in blended payments of approximately $ (amount) per month including principal and interest (plus 1/12 of the annual taxes, if required by the mortgagee).

This condition is for the sole benefit of the Buyer.

NOTE: This clause must not be used for a Seller-take-back mortgage.

While the standard ‘‘New First Mortgage Clause’’ can be applied to nearly every residential contract, there will be occasions when the buyer will be applying for unconventional financing (e.g., land assembly, shopping centres, high-rise buildings or warehouse purchases). Licensees must be aware that courts have sometimes declared vague mortgage clauses to be unenforceable whim and fancy clauses.

Because the standard Contract of Purchase and Sale contains an option clause and is executed under seal, when using a standard Contract of Purchase and Sale, the seller is irrevocably bound by the contract even if the subject to financing clause is vague. See the section entitled ‘‘Option Clause’’ for more information.