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Professional Standards Manual

Notice of Change: Information in this manual changed when new agency and disclosure rules came into effect on June 15, 2018. Learn more about the new rules.

General Information

2. Exemptions From Licensing

(c) Exemptions Relating to Rental Property Management

The Real Estate Services Regulation provides an exemption for caretakers from the need to obtain a rental property management licence in limited circumstances.

As noted above, a general exemption from licensing includes all employees of principals; however, that exemption is limited to providing services to only one principal. The caretaker exemption permits an exemption for caretakers who are employed by owners of different residential real estate. A caretaker is exempt from the requirements to be licensed if the caretaker is an employee of each of the owners, the owners have agreed among themselves that the caretaker may provide rental property management services, and the individual is not providing rental property management services on behalf of any other person than the owners. The caretaker, in order to remain exempted, must promptly deliver any money collected in relation to the rental of the real estate, including rent or security deposits to the owner of the rental real estate property in relation to which the money was paid. Thus, an individual who is exempted under the section may be employed by a number of owners to act as a rental property manager, and is permitted to carry out all the activities of a rental property manager, except that when an exempted individual receives money in the form of rent, security deposits, or pet damage deposits, the individual must deliver the money to the owner(s).

An exemption exists for caretakers who are employed by brokerages. An individual who is employed as a caretaker or manager by a brokerage is exempt from the need for licensing if the caretaker or manager does not negotiate or enter into contracts on behalf of the brokerage or the owner of the rental real estate, and if the caretaker or manager promptly delivers any money, such as rent, security deposits, or pet damage deposits to the brokerage. As long as these conditions are met, the caretaker or manager may show the rental property to prospective tenants, may receive and present applications in respect of the rental of the rental real estate, and may communicate between landlords and tenants respecting landlord and tenant matters.

An exemption from the need for licensing in relation to rental property management also exists for the British Columbia Housing Management Commission.