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Archived News Bulletins

2018/10/18Make sure your Licence Renewal Application is Complete
2018/09/27Real Estate Regulators Support Government Action on Money Laundering in Real Estate
2018/08/24Posting for Council Members
2018/08/20Real Advice E-News: Wildfires and Property Issues
2018/06/16RECBC Forms App Update
2018/06/14Announcing the RECBC Forms App
2018/05/14Real Advice E-News: Addressing Conflicts of Interest When Acting for Multiple Clients
2018/05/04Real Advice E-News: Managing Conflicts of Interest
2018/04/27Real Advice E-News: Teams, Agency and Disclosure
2018/04/27RECBC Committed to Education on Rule Changes
2018/04/20Real Advice E-News: Exploring Education
2018/04/19Reminder: Licensing Fee Adjustments Now in Effect
2018/04/18Government Announces Regulatory Review
2018/04/12Real Advice E-News: 5 Key Questions to Prepare for Rule Changes
2018/04/06Real Advice E-News: 3 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Change
2018/03/29Real Advice E-News: Fundamentals of Agency (Podcast)
2018/03/23Real Advice E-News: Consultation Opens on Superintendent’s Rules
2018/03/21Superintendent of Real Estate Consultation on Proposed Rule Changes
2018/03/15Real Advice E-News: Reporting Misconduct
2018/02/23Real Advice E-News: Information You Can Use
2018/02/20Message to Licensees: Government Announces Changes to Property Transfer Tax
2018/02/16Real Advice E-News: Update on Superintendent’s Rules
2018/02/15Advisory: New Rules Effective June 15, 2018
2018/02/02Real Advice E-News: How to Disclose Payment to Your Clients
2018/01/26Real Advice E-News: The Ongoing Duty of Confidentiality
2018/01/22Real Advice E-News: Commercial, Rental or Niche Market Providers
2018/01/11Real Advice E-news: Conflicts of Interest
2018/01/09Real Advice E-news: Unrepresented Parties 101
2017/12/29Real Advice E-News: Mandatory Forms & Small Brokerage FAQs
2017/12/21Real Advice E-News: Information on Changing Real Estate Rules
2017/12/14Real Advice E-News: Learning About the New Consumer Protection Rules
2017/12/08Real Estate Council Releases Second Progress Report: Enhancing Protection for Real Estate Consumers in BC
2017/11/27New Property Transfer Tax Return Form Now in Effect
2017/11/15Superintendent Releases New Rules: Changes will come into effect March 15, 2018
2017/11/15RECBC Committed to Informing Consumers, Real Estate Professionals on Rules
2017/11/14Consumer Notice: Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
2017/11/14Consumer Notice: Rent-to-Own Plans
2017/11/14Consumer Notice: Aggressive Marketing – Be Aware, Be Protected
2017/09/07Notice: Superintendent of Real Estate Consultation on Proposed Rule Changes
2017/08/31Real Estate Council Releases Progress Report: Enhancing Protection for Real Estate Consumers in BC
2017/07/26Updated Language Proficiency Requirements for New Licence Applicants Take Effect on September 1, 2017
2017/07/24British Columbia Fires Notice
2017/07/21Council Updates Language Proficiency Requirements for New Licence Applicants
2017/02/06New Licence Application Do’s and Don’ts
2017/02/014 Steps Personal Real Estate Corporations Can Take to Avoid Discipline
2017/01/20Update: Licensing Fee Adjustments on April 1, 2017
2016/11/16New from FINTRAC: Indicators of Money Laundering in Real Estate Transactions
2016/10/28Update: New Council Member Appointments
2016/10/17Update: New Examination Requirements
2016/10/17New Discipline Penalties Now in Force
2016/10/12Appointment of Real Estate Council Members
2016/10/05Updates and Reminders for Managing Brokers
2016/09/15Message to Licensees: New Actions Against Unlicensed Real Estate Services in BC
2016/08/04Message to Licensees: Potential Fraud Warning
2016/07/29Message to Licensees: Amendment to General Bylaws
2016/07/25Message to Licensees: Government Announces Additional Property Transfer Tax
2016/06/30Announcement: Real Estate Regulation in BC
2016/06/28Recommendations for Real Estate Regulation in BC: Final Report
2016/06/20Council Updates for Managing Brokers
2016/05/20New Provincial Requirements for Contract Assignments Announced
2016/05/18Licensee Consultation: Proposed Rule Change
2016/05/10Message to Licensees: New Provincial Requirements for Contract Assignments Announced
2016/04/13Message to Licensees: Council Releases Progress Report of Independent Advisory Group
2016/04/09Message to Licensees: Conditions Issued for New Coast Realty
2016/04/05Message to Licensees: Meeting Your Duty to Report Misconduct
2016/04/05Meeting Your Duty to Report Licensee Misconduct
2016/04/01Real Estate Council Strengthens Public Protection Through Enhanced Investigation and Enforcement
2016/03/18FINTRAC Audits of Real Estate Brokerages
2016/03/09Practice Guidelines: No-Subject Offers, Valuation, Exposure
2016/02/12Council Takes Steps to Enhance Consumer Protection
2015/12/21Licence Cancellation: Yu-Hsiang (Lester) Lin
2015/12/18Real Estate Council Cancels Licence of Yu-Hsiang (Lester) Lin
2015/11/20Real Estate Council of BC Cancels Licence of James Parsons
2015/09/14Real Estate Council of BC Receives Education Awards
2015/09/02Can You Legally Sell that Owner-Built Home?
2015/08/26Know Your FINTRAC Obligations
2015/08/05Real Estate Council Elects New Chair and Vice-Chair for 2015-2016
2015/07/07Changes Proposed to Council Rules: Consultation Period Opens
2015/06/29UPDATED Privacy Guidelines for Strata Corporations and Strata Agents
2015/05/15New Information Required in Brokerage Activity Report
2015/05/13Election of Real Estate Council
2015/05/08Alert: Real Estate Trust Accounts Targeted
2015/04/02Updated Strata Sales Information Now Available
2015/03/31Duties to Clients in a Rising Market
2015/01/16Strata Management Videos
2014/10/15Notice to Personal Real Estate Corporations
2014/09/15Strata Sections Seminar Video: Costs, Conflicts and Cancelling
2013/10/10Real Estate Council Releases Sections Seminar Video
2013/07/24Real Estate Council Elects New Chair, Vice-Chair for 2013/2014 Term
2012/06/14“Working with a Strata Management Company” Available on RECBC Website
2012/05/10Designated Agency Update

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