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Brokerage Standards Manual

VII. Brokerage Office Business Practices

Notice Of Brokerage Business Changes

Section 2-22 of the Rules requires a brokerage to promptly notify the Council in writing of the following changes. Notification is required even though the change does not require an amendment to the brokerage licence:

  • a change in the telephone number, fax number or email address of a brokerage’s head office or branch office;
  • if any related managing broker, associate broker or representative ceases to be engaged by the brokerage and the reasons for this;
  • in the case of a brokerage that is a partnership:
  • any change in the partners and whether, as a result of licence cancellation of the licence because of the change in partners, an application for a new brokerage licence is intended to be made;
  • any change in the nature of the partnership, such as registration as a limited liability partnership;
  • in the case of a brokerage that is a corporation:
  • any change in the directors or officers of the corporation; or

any fundamental change to the corporation, such as an amalgamation or continuation;

  • NOTE: If a new director or officer has been elected or appointed, within 30 days after the election or appointment the brokerage must submit to the Council a “Director, Officer or Partner Information” form for each new director or officer. The Director, Officer or Partner Information form is contained on the Council’s website at
  • a change in the end date of the brokerage’s fiscal year;
  • a change in the savings institutions, or branch location of a savings institution, at which the brokerage maintains accounts.