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Real Estate Council of British Columbia
900-750 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6C 2T8

Telephone: 604.683.9664 | Toll-free: 1.877.683.9664 | Fax: 604.683.9017

Office hours
Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm


How to get in touch about…

General Inquiries Send a complaint, a request for information, or your comments and feedback
Licensing Answers to your questions about licence applications, renewals, fees, and forms.
Education Education information including how to become licensed, how to relicense, continuing education, and moving to BC from another jurisdiction.
Professional Standards Advisor Ask us about the standards of conduct expected of real estate licensees.
Audit Inquiries  
Accounting Inquiries  



Principal Staff

Executive Office
Robert O. Fawcett, Executive Officer
Legal Services
Geoff Thiele, Director, Legal Services
Jessica Gossen, Legal Counsel
Janice Moore, Legal Counsel
Sabinder Sheina, Legal Counsel
Jen Millerd, Legal Counsel
Patrick Poyner, Legal Counsel – Compliance
Esther Jeon, Legal Counsel
Professional Standards Advisor
Maureen Coleman, Advisor
Angie Smith, Senior Compliance Officer
Alex Longson, Senior Compliance Officer
Jane Kolonsky, Compliance Officer
Carmen de Foy, Compliance Officer
Sonya Jakovickas, Compliance Officer
Janet Murray, Compliance Officer
Bellia Tan, Compliance Officer
Accounting and Audit
Lisa Holst, Director, Accounting and Audit
Darrin Bean, Senior Auditor/Investigator
Sunita Ishri, Auditor/Investigator
Tony Lam, Auditor/Investigator
Kevin Grewal, Auditor/Investigator
Gary Khind, Auditor/Investigator
Michelle Chai, Auditor/Investigator
Information / Technology
Debbie Morreau, IT Manager / Business Analyst
Caroline Allen, Education & Licensing Officer
Lisa Kern, Senior Supervisor
Shelly Epp, Supervisor
Marilee Peters, Communications Officer
Melissa Mungall, Communications Coordinator