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Ahmad Mazhari, Representative, RE/MAX Little Oak Realty (Sur), Surrey
Files: 11-327, 12-176 and 12-217
Consent Order: December 10, 2015



Summary of File 11-327
Mr. Ahmad Mazhari, while licensed with RE/MAX Lifestyles Realty (Langley), sent a seller’s agent a signed subject removal and a copy of the buyer’s deposit cheque, which led the agent to believe that Mr. Mazhari had received the actual deposit cheque. In fact neither Mr. Mazhari nor the brokerage had received, and never did receive, the deposit cheque. Mr. Mazhari’s actions were contrary to section 3-4 of the Council Rules, which requires licensees to act honestly and with reasonable care and skill.

Summary of File 12-176
Mr. Mazhari prepared and presented an Agency Agreement, a Disclosure of Remuneration and a Contract of Purchase and Sale which indicated that his team leader was a limited dual agent, when only Mr. Mazhari had provided real estate services to the buyers and the seller. This was contrary to sections 3-4 and 5-10(a) of the Council Rules.

Mr. Mazhari then changed the Disclosure of Remuneration indicating the amount of commission expected to be received. He did not inform the buyers prior to making the change and did not have the buyers’ initial to acknowledge the change. This was contrary to section 5-11(2)(a) of the Council Rules.

Mr. Mazhari also failed to disclose to the buyers and the seller that part of the commission would be paid to his unlicensed assistant. This contravened section 3-3(f) of the Council Rules.

Summary of File 12-217
Mr. Mazhari verbally agreed to reduce his commission on the sale of a property in order to allow the sellers to realize a certain net amount of the proceeds of their sale, but he failed to put that agreement in writing. This was contrary to section 3-4 of the Council Rules.

A discipline committee of the Council has ordered the following:

  1. Ahmad Mazhari will be suspended for thirty (30) days from January 13, 2016 to February 11, 2016 (inclusive).
  2. He must successfully complete the Real Estate Trading Services Remedial Education Course.
  3. He must pay $1,250.00 in enforcement expenses to the Council.


Read the full Consent Order (PDF).

Posted January 14, 2016, until January 14, 2021