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In the matter of the Real Estate Services Act

  S.B.C. 2004 ch. 42

AND in the matter of a Consent Order pursuant to Section 41 of the Real Estate Services Act


Respondent: Dipak Chandra Verma
File: 13-044
Date of Consent Order: July 11, 2015

Issue: Dipak Chandra Verma, representative, OMAX Realty Ltd. dba Omaxwell Realty, Surrey, entered into a Consent Order with the Council that he committed professional misconduct within the meaning of section 35(1)(a) of the Real Estate Services Act when he failed to ensure that the Contract of Purchase and Sale in respect of the property dated May 30, 2013 included a term ensuring that the seller would give legal notice to the tenant to vacate the property, provided the seller received the appropriate written request from the buyer to give such notice in accordance with the requirements of section 49 of the Residential Tenancy Act, and failed to ensure that the details of the tenancy were included in Section 5 of the contract.

Result: Dipak Chandra Verma was subject to an Order of a discipline committee that he: (a) be suspended for seven (7) days from August 19, 2015 to August 25, 2015, inclusive; (b) at his own expense, register for and successfully complete the Real Estate Trading Services Remedial Education Course; and (c) pay enforcement expenses to the Council in the amount of $1,250.00.

P: August 13, 2015 R: August 13, 2020