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In the matter of the Real Estate Services Act

  S.B.C. 2004 ch. 42

AND in the matter of a Consent Order pursuant to Section 41 of the Real Estate Services Act


Respondents:  Jagdeep Singh Sidhu

File:  11-494

Date of Consent Order:  March 27, 2014

Issue: Jagdeep Singh Sidhu, representative, Homelife Glenayre Realty Company Ltd., Abbotsford, entered into a Consent Order with the Council that he committed professional misconduct within the meaning of section 35(1)(a) of the Real Estate Services Act in that, while acting as a limited dual agent in one transaction and offering no agency in relation to another related transaction for the same clients, KH and SH for the March 12, 2012 offer to purchase the property located on 72 Avenue, Langley, the listing agreement dated March 12, 2012 to list the 197 Street property, and the subsequent Contract of Purchase and Sale dated March 22, 2012 for the 197 Street property, he:

(a) failed to take reasonable steps to avoid a conflict of interest and failed to promptly and fully disclose the existence of a conflict of interest to the buyers of the property located on 72 Avenue, Langley, when he was the builder of the property and while purporting to offer no agency with respect to that transaction, was acting as their listing agent and a limited dual agent on the sale of their property on 197 Street, Langley, contrary to section 3-3(1)(i) and 3-3(1)(j) of the Council Rules; and

(b) failed to disclose the nature of the representation he was providing in relation to KH and SH in relation to their purchase of property located on 72 Avenue, when he acted as a limited dual agent on the first Contract of Purchase and Sale, which transaction did not complete but subsequently offered no agency on the second contract which did complete, contrary to section 5-10(a) of the Council Rules.

Result: Jagdeep Singh Sidhu was subject to an Order of a discipline committee that he: (a) be suspended for fourteen (14) days, from April 30, 2014 to May 13, 2014 (inclusive); (b) at his own expense, register for and successfully complete the Real Estate Trading Services Remedial Education Course; and (c) pay enforcement expenses to the Council in the amount of $1,250.00.

Result: P: April 30, 2014 R: April 30, 2019